Tailor your program based on your unique interests and goals with a minor in Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern studies.

Program requirements

A minor in Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies requires the completion of 30 credits, at least 18 of which must be at the 300- or 400-level.

All courses may be selected freely from the following course codes, as long as students meet course prerequisites: AMNE, ARBC, GREK, HEBR, LATN. Students may choose to include up to 6 credits from PHIL 310, 311. AMNE 200 and AMNE 300 are recommended for all students, in order to provide an orientation to the Ancient Mediterranean and Near East and the continuing relevance of their study in modernity.


With the change of name from Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies (CNERS) to Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies (AMNE), the department has unified all courses–CLST, CNRS, NEST, and RELG–under a single course code, AMNE.

Students who have taken courses under these codes with the intention of declaring a CNERS minor can contact the AMNE Advisor to ensure those courses count towards their minor (once declared).

Advising will be available to assist students who have been working towards the CNERS minor with planning their program around the updated requirements. Above all, we want to ensure that the change of requirements does not disrupt student progress towards their planned degree completion date.

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