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Mission Statement

Ancient Studies Annual (ASA) is an interdisciplinary journal, featuring original articles from graduate students, and peer-reviewed by PhD candidates and scholars from around the globe. The journal is hosted by the Department of Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies at the University of British Columbia. Annually, ASA publishes its open-access issue concerning a theme of the ancient world that ties together the research articles within a volume accessible to a wider audience. ASA encourages graduate students researching the history, archaeology, literature, religion, art, philosophy, and other areas of the ancient world to submit an article concerning the journal’s annual theme. ASA is committed to supporting a range of topics and perspectives in modern scholarship, especially welcoming submissions from historically underrepresented voices, in an effort to reflect the diversity and dynamism of the ancient world.

Call for Papers 2023

The theme of the upcoming volume is “Order and Chaos”. Across various disciplines examining the ancient world, numerous methodological perspectives have been developed with the purpose of making sense of the ancient world by ‘ordering’ the chaotic mass of evidence that has been preserved to us. Analyses of papyri, art, epigraphic evidence, literary and legal sources, architecture, and various types of archaeological evidence have enabled a greater understanding of urban planning, the economy, artistic trends, family life, social and political structures, as well as other important spheres of the ancient world in times of both peace and war. We invite current graduate students completing research related to these aspects of order and chaos within the ancient world to submit an article for publication in the upcoming volume of Ancient Studies Annual

In order to submit an article to Ancient Studies Annual for consideration, please send a draft of the article to with the words “Manuscript Draft” in the subject line. Articles should be between 5000–8000 words (including footnotes but excluding bibliography) and be formatted according to Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition).

Accepted papers will be published in an open-access, online journal accessed via the University of British Columbia’s library.

Deadline:The deadline for the first round of submissions is December 1st. If you have any questions, please email 

Submission Guidelines

Download the Submission Guidelines as a pdf here: ASA Submission Guidelines

In order to submit an article to Ancient Studies Annual for consideration, please send a draft of the article to the editorial board at with the words “Manuscript Draft” in the subject line. Before submission, please ensure that your manuscript complies with ASA’s formatting and style requirements in the Style Guide. 

The manuscript should include an abstract of approximately 300 words beneath the title.

Although ASA maintains the rigorous standards of an academic, peer-reviewed journal, we also value and encourage articles that depart from a conventional formal tone and speak to wider, non-specialist audiences. The editorial board nevertheless retains the authority to make final editorial decisions and exercise control over the content we publish. 

During the peer-review process, the confidential nature of the submission will be protected. The author can assist by not citing his or her own work in the article and by omitting any acknowledgments or reference to previous versions or presentations of the manuscript.

Peer Reviewers

If you are a PhD Candidate or early career scholar, and are interested in being a potential peer reviewer for ASA, please email the Managing Editor at with the words “Peer Reviewer” in the subject line.

Editorial Board

Christopher Thoms-Bauer, Managing Editor

Caroline Barnes, Co-Editor

Louis Polcin, Co-Editor

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