Advising is a core aspect of the Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies (AMNE) program. We are here to help you plan your honours, major, or minor in a way that meets your goals and caters to your interests.

Who should contact the AMNE Undergraduate Advisor?

  • Students currently declared in Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies (CNERS) who have questions about planning the rest of their degree program.
  • Students who have been planning to declare a specialization in CNERS and have questions about how the new AMNE codes and programs will affect their plans.
  • Students who are considering a specialization in AMNE and have questions about the program.



Arts Academic Advising

Arts Academic Advising supports the academic success of the Faculty’s 14,000 undergraduate students.

Arts Academic Advising provides programs and services to help you make informed and thoughtful decisions about your academic path throughout your degree program from the point of admission.

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