Apulum Roman Villas Project

Prof. Matthew M. McCarty co-directs excavations of a Roman villa at Oarda (Romania). This will be one of the first scientifically excavated villas in the entire province; the key questions driving the project are about the fine-grained diachronic processes of the formation, development, and disintegration of villa socio-economic systems in the province. Preliminary geophysical survey of the site in March 2018 has confirmed the importance and massive scale of the site. The project will also pilot a range of micromorphological analyses for studying Roman agricultural production and digital archaeological recording systems. Dr. McCarty is leading a field school in Summer 2019 in conjunction with this project.

Previously (2013-2018), he co-directed the excavation of a Roman temple and a medieval village in Alba Iulia, Romania. The archaeological project focused on reconstructing aspects of ancient cult and practice in the Roman Empire, and on understanding the dynamics of the post-Roman period in Dacia. The project also served as a field school for introducing students to modern excavation techniques and interpretive practices. For more information, please visit the Apulum Mithraeum III Project website.