CNERS to AMNE Course Equivalencies

All courses previously coded CLST, CNRS, NEST or RELG have switched to a unified AMNE code.

In line with the new department name and identity, we have moved all active course codes in Classical Studies (CLST); Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies (CNRS); Near Eastern Studies (NEST); and Religious Studies (RELG) to a single course code: Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies (AMNE). We have also taken this opportunity to re-number courses into more logical groupings.

Some courses still appear in the UBC Calendar under the old codes. These are courses that our department no longer offers, and we are in the process of relocating them to other departments or deleting them.

The table below shows all of our undergraduate courses (100, 200, 300 and 400 levels) under their old code and number and their new AMNE code and number.

Old code New code Course title
CLST101AMNE101Greek and Latin Roots of English
CLST105AMNE151Greek and Roman Mythology
CLST231AMNE215Ancient Greece
CLST232AMNE216Ancient Rome
CLST260AMNE225Gladiators, Games, and Spectacle in the Greek and Roman World
CLST211AMNE235Greek Philosophy I
CLST212AMNE236Greek Philosophy II
CLST301AMNE301The Technical Terms of Medicine and Biological Science
CLST306AMNE306Ancient Technology: Greece and Rome
CLST355AMNE316The Athenians and their Empire
CLST356AMNE317Alexander the Great and his Empire
CLST352AMNE318The Roman Republic
CLST353AMNE319The Early Roman Empire
CLST320AMNE323Slavery in the Ancient Greek and Roman World
CLST311AMNE324Women in the Bronze Age, Classical Greek and Hellenistic Cultures
CLST312AMNE325Women in the Roman World of Republican and Imperial Times
CLST329AMNE326Ancient Greek Warfare
CLST319AMNE327The Roman Army
CLST307AMNE332Greek Law
CLST308AMNE333Roman Law
CLST313AMNE345Greek Epic
CLST314AMNE346Latin Epic
CLST318AMNE347Classical Comedy
CLST317AMNE348Classical Tragedy
CLST333AMNE355Greek Religion
CLST334AMNE356Roman Religion
CLST331AMNE376Greek Art and Architecture
CLST332AMNE377Roman Art and Architecture
CLST401AMNE420Seminar in Classical History
CLST402AMNE440Seminar in Classical Literature
CLST403AMNE470Seminar in Classical Art and Archaeology
CLST404AMNE480Seminar in the Reception of the Classical World
CLST511AMNE576Studies in Greek Regional Archaeology
CLST512AMNE578Studies in Roman Provincial Archaeology
CLST518AMNE575Topics in Greek Art and Archaeology
CLST519AMNE577Topics in Roman Art and Archaeology
CNRS104AMNE170Temples, Tombs, and Tyrants: The Archaeology of the Middle East, Greece, and Rome
CNRS206AMNE278The Archaeology of Life and Death in the Roman Empire
CNRS207AMNE279Byzantium: Arts of an Empire
CNRS333AMNE379Art and the Christian Transformation of the Roman Empire
CNRS370AMNE381Theories of Myth
CNRS335AMNE395Practicum in Classical or Near Eastern Archaeology
CNRS410AMNE472The Archaeology of Ancient Cyprus
CNRS449AMNE499Honours Essay
CNRS500AMNE500Pro-Seminar in Ancient Mediterranean Studies: Selected Topics
CNRS502AMNE530Studies in Law and Society
CNRS503AMNE540Studies in Literature, Art and Society
CNRS504AMNE560Studies in Religion
CNRS505AMNE590Studies in Ethnicity
CNRS535AMNE595Practicum in Classical or Near Eastern Archaeology
CNRS549AMNE599Master's Thesis
CNRS649AMNE699Doctoral Dissertation
RELG101AMNE160Jewish, Christian and Muslim Religious Traditions
RELG201AMNE251Near Eastern and Biblical Mythology
RELG203AMNE260Scriptures of the Near East
RELG209AMNE261Eden to Exile: Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
RELG206AMNE262Introduction to Judaism and its Texts
RELG210AMNE265History of Christianity I (1st C. C.E. - 14th C. C.E.)
RELG335AMNE331Jewish Law
RELG307AMNE341Sex, Lies, and Violence in the Hebrew Bible
RELG330AMNE361The Origins of Judaism
RELG308AMNE363Talmud, Midrash and the Rabbinic Imagination
RELG305AMNE364The Prophetic Personality in Ancient Israel
RELG313AMNE383Modern Jewish Ethics in Historical Perspective
RELG317AMNE366The Origins of Christianity: Social, Religious and Political Milieux
RELG306AMNE373Archaeology and the Bible
RELG475AMNE461Topics in Religion
RELG407AMNE462Topics in Early Judaism
RELG414AMNE463The Gospels and the Historical Jesus
RELG415AMNE464The Life and Thought of Paul of Tarsus
NEST303AMNE312History of Ancient Egypt
NEST301AMNE314Early Empires of the Ancient Middle East
NEST312AMNE351Religion in Ancient Egypt
NEST304AMNE371Ancient Egypt: The Archaeology of the Land of the Pharaohs
NEST319AMNE372The Archaeology of Ancient Iraq and Syria: Babylon and Beyond
NEST313AMNE391Introduction to Middle Egyptian
NEST315AMNE392Introduction to Akkadian
NEST317AMNE393Introduction to Coptic
NEST401AMNE441Literature of Ancient Egypt or the Ancient Near East
NEST402AMNE471The Archaeology of the City in the Ancient Near East
NEST500AMNE572Studies in Near Eastern Archaeology in the Bronze Age
NEST501AMNE573Studies in Near Eastern Archaeology in the Iron Age
NEST503AMNE501Studies in the Material Culture of Ancient Egypt
NEST505AMNE541Literature of Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Near East
NEST506AMNE571The Archaeology of the City in the Ancient Near East
GREK535AMNE525Seminar in Greek History
LATN535AMNE527Seminar in Roman History
LATN540AMNE591Seminar in Latin Palaeography
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