Caroline Barnes

Research Interests

  • Late Bronze Age
  • Early Iron Age
  • Cypriot Archaeology
  • Aegean Archaeology
  • Anthropology

I received my BA from Bates College in Anthropology and Classical & Medieval Studies, and I recently completed an MA in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology here with AMNE. Building from my work as an MA, my PhD will focus on the architecture, building practices, and masonry techniques of Late Bronze Age Cypriots.

In addition to Mediterranean archaeology, I have done research on Indigenous archaeology in North America, focusing on archaeology as a decolonizing mechanism and Indigenous community perceptions of non-Indigenous archaeologists.

Outside of archaeology, I have had academic and professional experiences working with migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in Greece, New England, and along the US-Mexico border. I hope to bring my interdisciplinary experiences to engage in a comprehensive and sensitive understanding of mobility, community, and identity the ancient world.