Amber Leenders

My research interests include women and gender in the ancient world, religious spaces, provincial Roman archaeology, Latin epigraphy, and various other topics in Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern archaeology.

My MA thesis will focus on the archaeology and social dynamics of religion in the Hellenistic and Roman Near East, at the site of Dura-Europos in particular.

I have excavated and contributed to lab and archival work at archaeological sites in central Italy, Sicily, Spain, the Netherlands, and the Republic of Macedonia. I hope to use my passion for fieldwork and material culture to examine social issues in the ancient world through the lens of archaeology.

CV available upon request at

I am a second year MA student at the University of British Columbia pursuing a degree in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, while working as a research and teaching assistant in the department. This year I am assisting with Greek and Roman Mythology, Archaeology of Ancient Greece and Rome, and Roman Art and Architecture. I am serving as the 2018-19 CNERS graduate representative for the Lab of Archaeology, as well as helping to coordinate AIA (Archaeological Institute of America) events at UBC.
I graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2017 with a BA Advanced Degree in Classics, with a minor in Latin. One of the highlights from my BA was the opportunity to co-curate an exhibit about Greek papyri for the University of Manitoba library archives.