Introductory Courses in Ancient Mediterranean & Near Eastern Studies

The Greek goddess AthenaWelcome to AMNE! We invite you to discover the past in the present in our courses this year. Here are some of our first-year, introductory undergraduate courses, open to all, without prerequisites.

  • Greek and Roman Mythology (AMNE 151): Explore the worlds of ancient myths, from deities to magic.
  • Temples, Tombs, & Tyrants (AMNE 170): Dig into the archaeology of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome.
  • Greek and Latin Roots of English (AMNE 101): Find out how ancient languages and culture still shape English today.
  • Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Religious Traditions (AMNE 160): Investigate the ancient roots of the world’s three largest monotheistic religions.

Even though these courses are at the 200 or 300 level, they’re also introductory and presuppose no prior knowledge. All welcome!

  • The Technical Terms of Medicine and Biological Science (AMNE 301): A leg up on medical school and understanding the human body, with Greek & Latin.
  • Ancient Greece (AMNE 215) and Ancient Rome (AMNE 216): Get an introduction to the history of these Ancient Mediterranean cultures.
  • Near Eastern and Biblical Mythology (AMNE 251): From the Gilgamesh Epic to the Book of Genesis and beyond.
  • Ancient Greek Philosophy (AMNE 235): Discover the examined life, human happiness, and the roots of science in ancient Greece.
  • Gladiators, Games, and Spectacle in the Greek & Roman World (AMNE 225): How spectacles like the Olympic Games and gladiatorial shows brought people together (and apart) in antiquity.

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