AMNE Student Association Wins AUS Best Club Award for 2022- 2023!

Ashley Samsone (AMNE SA V.P Internal and External Relations) Photo Credit: AMNE SA

We are thrilled to congratulate the Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies Student Association on winning the Arts Undergraduate Society Best Club Award for 2022-2023. Throughout this year, as well as those past, the AMNE SA has worked tirelessly to support and advocate for undergraduate students. They have run a number of practical workshops which allow students to gain experience with skills in their field of study that would otherwise be inaccessible to them; they have organized and hosted collaborative events with other student associations, helping to grow a more supportive, large-scale student community; and they have worked closely with the Alumni Engagement Centre in order to foster connections between students, past and present, to maintain and further develop important networks.

The Department of Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies could not be more fortunate or grateful to have the AMNE SA by our side and we look forward to another wonderful year together in 2023W!

Congratulations again to the executive team, Hannah Stengler (President), Ashley Samsone (V.P Internal and External Relations), Harmony Powell (Treasurer), and Anisa Côté (Graduate Representative), as well as the other many faithful members and supporters of the club, on this hard-earned recognition!