Luthieros at Green College: An Interactive Exhibition and Live Performance on the Ancient Lyre

Wednesday April 12, 2023
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

The Ancient Lyre: A special concert and workshop with Luthieros 

The Department of Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies and Green College are proud to offer a free concert of fresh and ancient music on the reconstructed ancient Greek lyre, courtesy of a professional musician (Theodore Koumartzis) and composer (Evagoras Bekiaris) traveling from Greece to Vancouver.

Employed by several scholars and masters of ancient music for international performances, lyres by Luthieros are designed and hand-crafted to replicate genuine ancient instruments, based on archaeological and visual evidence from antiquity.

Register for the event here:

Registration is not required to attend, but encouraged. We aim to ensure that the first twenty registrants have hands-on time to explore the reconstructed instruments

Learn more about Luthieros and Seikilo Ancient World Music

For live examples of performances on the instruments, explore the SEIKILO channel on YouTube, and visit