Horvat Midras Excavation

Professor Gregg Gardener leads the archaeological field school at the Horvat Midras site in Israel. This course will train students in the principles and methods of field archaeology as practiced in the Mediterranean and Near East. This course will also provide students with an understanding of the archaeology and history of ancient Palestine, with special attention to the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Ayyubid and Mamluk and Roman eras ((fourth century BCE through sixteenth century CE)). It will include fieldwork, guided study trips to other archaeological sites in the area, visits to museums, and lectures. This project will be conducted in collaboration with Dr. Orit Peleg-Barkat of the Institute of Archaeology of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Students will be doing more than just digging. Rather, you will contribute directly to the research goals of the excavation and create new scholarly knowledge. By excavating, recording, processing, and identifying new archaeological finds, you will contribute towards the discovery, collection, and interpretation of new sources on the ancient and medieval world. Your participation in this course will directly enhance our knowledge of the history and material culture of the Near East. The coursework will also illuminate the region’s rural settlement patterns – a topic often overlooked and under-studied as scholars tend to focus on urban sites. In many ways, students’ work in this course will shed new light on the history of the region.

This course can also count as credit towards UBC’s new Minor in Jewish Studies. 

There are also additional, advanced research opportunities for graduate students interested in the site. Please contact Gregg Gardner gregg.gardner@ubc.ca for more information.