Kara Archibald

  • Ancient Greek Language
  • Archaic Period
  • Ancient migration, inter-culturalism
  • Black Sea Region
  • Ethnicity, cultural identity
  • Collaborative and theoretical approaches to research

Kara has received her B.A. at Brock University in English Language and Literature, and Classical Studies. She pursued her M.A. at Memorial University of Newfoundland in Classical Studies, her final project topic entitled “Berezan and Olbia: An Analysis of Ethnicity and Multiculturalism of Migrations in the Northern Black Sea during the Archaic Period.” Now, she begins her new chapter in life, starting her first year in the PhD program at University of British Columbia.
Kara loves learning and has never stopped pursuing that interest. It has taken her to places she never thought would have been possible, like New Zealand on a year-long exchange, and the farthest point of Eastern Canada. Now, she is on the West Coast, and hopes that she will have the opportunities to travel even more, pandemic permitting.