Gregg Gardner’s book has officially been published by the University of California Press!

June 22, 2022

The book undertakes a comprehensive study of early rabbinic (2nd-3rd century CE) views on wealth, poverty, and charity, in light of comparative contexts drawn from Greek, Latin, and early Christian writings, archaeological finds, and even a bit of economic theory. The cover features the mosaic floor of the synagogue in Sepphoris. Here is the link: […]

Peopling the Past podcast episode on ancient Roman midwifery and childbirth with Dr. Tara Mulder

June 21, 2022

Dr. Tara Mulder joined the next episode of the Peopling the Past podcast to talk about what a Roman birth may have looked like for different classes of people, who would have been a midwife and what their role was, and how things have changed or stayed the same regarding women and pregnancy from the Roman […]

Sara Milstein has won the Scott Award from the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies for her new book

June 21, 2022

The CSBS Scott Award has been awarded to Dr. Sara Milstein for her recent book, Making a Case: The Practical Roots of Biblical Law. This award recognizes an outstanding book in the areas of Hebrew Bible and/or the Ancient Near East, written in English or French by a member of the CSBS and published in […]

Homo Migrans: Modeling Mobility and Migration in Human History edited by Megan Daniels

April 28, 2022

Megan Daniel’s edited volume, Homo Migrans: Modeling Mobility and Migration in Human History has just been published through SUNY Press! This publication stems from her year-long post-doctoral fellowship at SUNY Buffalo, where she organized an international conference on the topic. The volume brings together archaeologists, anthropologists, historians, and geneticists to discuss the past, present, and […]

Thomas Schneider has established the Pacific Alliance of Liberal Arts Colleges (PALAC)

March 29, 2022

Thomas Schneider has been successful in establishing a new consortium of liberal arts institutions across the Pacific Basin, the Pacific Alliance of Liberal Arts Colleges (PALAC), in conversations with many senior administrators and more recently, Vice President Bryan Penprase from Soka University of America as a co-initiator. The new alliance groups together as founding members […]

Dr. Milstein elected member of Humanities and Social Sciences Class of the Academy of Sciences of Göttingen

March 9, 2022

The department congratulates Dr. Sara Milstein on her election to the Humanities and Social Sciences Class of the Academy of Sciences of Göttingen in Germany. The Academy of Sciences in Göttingen was founded in 1751 and is the oldest continuously existing institution of its kind in Germany. It brings together academics who, as stated in […]

Identifying the portable toilets of the ancient Roman world

February 15, 2022

New research published Friday, February 11, 2022 in the Journal of Archaeological Science Reports reveals how archaeologists can determine when a pot was used by Romans as a portable toilet, known as a chamber pot. Listen to Dr. Wilson’s interview with Gloria Macarenko for On the Coast on CBC Radio here! “Conical pots of this […]

Matt McCarty has Received a SSHRC Explore Grant for Reforesting Roman Africa Project

February 14, 2022

Matt McCarty has been awarded a SSHRC Explore grant to provide RA support for his exciting project, “Reforesting Roman Africa.” The project examines lifeways related to the Aleppo pine forests of the Tunisian/Algerian Tell in the Roman imperial period, focusing on the intersections of sylvan economies and worship as well as their reception in modernity. […]

Dr. Daniels awarded Hampton New Faculty Grant

November 25, 2021

Dr. Megan Daniels was recently awarded a Hampton New Faculty grant for her project: Reorienting “Orientalizing”: Articulating the Ideology of the Nude Standing Female through Networks of Religious Iconography in Eastern and Central Crete, 1100-500 BCE. Congratulations, Megan!   

New book on Lagash ceramics by Dr. Steve Renette

November 25, 2021

Killam Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr. Steve Renette has published a book on the pottery from al-Hiba, the ancient Sumerian city-state of Lagash: Lagash I: The Ceramic Corpus from Al-Hiba, 1968–1990: A Chrono-Typology of the Pottery Tradition in Southern Mesopotamia during the 3rd and Early 2nd Millenium BCE (Brepols, 2021). Congratulations, Steve!