AMNE Course Equivalencies

Old Code New Code Course Title  
CNRS500AMNE500Pro-Seminar in Ancient Mediterranean Studies: Selected Topics
NEST503AMNE501Studies in the Material Culture of Ancient Egypt
GREK535AMNE525Seminar in Greek History
LATN535AMNE527Seminar in Roman History
CNRS502AMNE530Studies in Law and Society
CNRS503AMNE540Studies in Literature, Art and Society
NEST505AMNE541 Literature of Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Near East
CNRS504AMNE560Studies in Religion
RELG500AMNE561Topics in Biblical Studies
RELG502AMNE562Topics in Judaism
RELG503AMNE563Topics in the Post-Biblical Christian Tradition
NEST506AMNE571The Archaeology of the City in the Ancient Near East
NEST500AMNE572Studies in Near Eastern Archaeology in the Bronze Age
NEST501AMNE573Studies in Near Eastern Archaeology in the Iron Age
CLST518AMNE575Topics in Greek Art and Archaeology
CLST511AMNE576Studies in Greek Regional Archaeology
CLST519AMNE577Topics in Roman Art and Archaeology
CLST512AMNE578Studies in Roman Provincial Archaeology
CNRS505AMNE590Studies in Ethnicity
RELG531AMNE581Graduate Seminar
LATN540AMNE591Seminar in Latin Palaeography
CNRS535AMNE595Practicum in Classical or Near Eastern Archaeology
CNRS549AMNE599Master's Thesis
CNRS649AMNE699Doctoral Dissertation