AMNE 160 | Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Religious Traditions

Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Religious Traditions With case studies drawn from Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in the ancient, pre-modern, and modern periods, this course seeks to explore the question: “Why religion?”

This course provides a survey of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and introduces students to key concepts in the study of religion. While the focus will be on the origins, historical development, and current expressions of each religion, we will also be attuned to the diversity that continues to exist within each religious tradition. Key aspects including (but not limited to) ritual, deity, and scripture as well as social structures associated with each tradition will be explored. Over the course of the term, we will become familiar with the tools used in the study of religious movements in their social, economic, and historical contexts.

This course will consist of lectures and discussion sections. No prior knowledge of any particular religious tradition is assumed, but this course presumes a high level of interest to learn about — and from — Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Instructor: Philip Yoo

AMNE 160 Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Religious Traditions (formerly RELG 101)
Winter 2022 Term 1
Lectures: MW 12–1; Discussion Sections: F 12–1 or 1–2